It’s Race Day!!

We Are at Punta Gorda Speedway today for a 35 lap Pro Truck race. We have a whole cast of caricatures over here today. First, Whitney will be racing the “Double-oh” in the Pro Truck race along with Dylan Bigley in the 32 truck. Corey Bigley will be trying for “two in a row” wins in the ” double-oh” in the Rookie Class and Whitney’s very own Dad, Randy Poole will race the #32 in the Rookies. Looking forward to a great night of racing.

Somethings just make you smile!!

After the race last night, I was walking back to my truck after congratulating Billy Bigley Jr. on his 3rd place finish (see the blog post about the race here). From out of no where, I heard a young female voice yelling ” Good Job, Whitney”! At first I thought did I just hear that? So, I turned around and really couldn’t see any one in the stands because of the lights, but I saw someone waving in my direction and I waved back and yelled “thank you”. It made me feel good!!

But what really made my day was when I opened my email up and found an email from a fan. It read:

“I just wanted to stop in and say thank you! We watched you run Sat 3/17 in Punta Gorda. Good run, however, it seems like the truck went away pretty fast. We also saw the awesome finish and win a few weeks ago where you used the bump and run!

Anyway, my 7 year old daughter yelled good job to you after the post race interview and you actually stopped, turned, and acknowledged her with a “thank you”. This made her night, she was smiling ear to ear!

Thank you for keeping it real and taking time to respond to her. ”

Thank you in advance,
Garth Leclerc

Mr. Leclerc, I just wanted to Thank You for the email and letting me know who was congratulating me!  The fans at Punta Gorda Speedway as some of the nicest fans I’ve met, and you and your daughter are one of the reasons why I love racing here! Please let me know if you will be at the next race. I’d like to come over and meet the both of you and take a picture!


Irish Luck???

Well Whitney Poole Motorsports had an awesome day @ Punta Gorda Speedway on St. Patty’s Day. It started off with Billy Bigley Jr. testing out the 32 Truck and finding out all his hard work payed off. The truck was FAST! We then put Phillip Ellis into the 32 truck and sent him out for practice. Ya, that lasted about seven laps…

In a weird, but never boring, way, the WPM #32 showed us it was a show stopper – literally. Get this, the wire to the alternator somehow got caught by the drive-shaft and twisted around it. In all of our years in racing, no one had ever seen that happen before. Poor Phil was out there getting use to the truck, starting to pick up speed, then hear a loud POP going into three and smoke started billowing into the cockpit of the truck. Coming to a dead stop on the front stretch. Phil came across the radio and asked if he should get out. Yea, we’re done for the moment.

Not to let things get them down, Billy, Phil, Johnny and Phil Sr. worked on the truck for over three hours and got it back into running order. Lets see if I can remember all of this – New Battery Cable – Check, New alternator wire – Check, new solenoid – Check, able to Phil out for his first race – PRICELESS! Thanks go out to the Kelli Burns and Her Dad, Pete, for all of the supply help!

Next came qualifying. In true to Whitney Poole Motorsports fashion, Whitney and Billy Bigley Jr. tried to get out on the track last. There were eight or nine trucks there for the 50 lap race. As the trucks were qualifying I was watching the times. 16:62 was the fastest up until Whitney. She clocked a 16:55 and a 16:61!! Woo Hoo!! The only other driver faster than Whitney was Kelli Burns with a 16:51. Billy qualified 6th.

Rookie Class – Corey Bigley
drove the “Double-Oh” and started on the outside pole. Phil, driving the #32 started 3rd. There were a total of four trucks out there. As the race started, Corey settled into 2nd place with Phil in 3rd, and that’s the way they stayed until the last lap. Corey, in true “Bigley” form, took the “Double-Oh” to the outside in turn three and took the win!! Phil, not to be out done by Corey, decided to do something crazy and spun out just before the start finish line and cross it going backwards to take 3rd Place.

Pro Truck 50 Lapper – Scott Walters spotted for Whitney since Billy was racing and did an awesome job! Whitney started on the pole after the pill draw and held off Sam Scott for a lot of laps, but they wheel-hopped each other and that was the start of the downhill spiral for Whitney. She sat in third place for a long time then came across the radio and said something broke. Billy, who had made it up to fourth, came across his radio to Dylan (his spotter) and told him he could see that the rear left shock on Whitney’s truck was broke. He also said to tell Whitney to let him by before she wrecked :-D

Whitney did bring the caution out and came into the pits. They took the shock off of the truck, but Whitney was just hanging on out there. She finished the race in 6th place. Billy on the other hand, finished in 3rd Place!!

So over all, it was a great night. A lot of firsts – Whitney qualifying well, Corey’s first win, Phil’s first race, the #32′s first good run! Oh and since I’ve talked about every other racing Bigley, I should say that Dylan won his heat race in Corey’s Pro 4! So all of the Bigley’s were on the podium tonight.

Next race: April 7th!!

First Win!!

It may have only been a heat race, but it was our first win in the new “Double-Oh”!! It is one to savor!

And here’s the short Celebration in the pits!

We had the truck to beat!! The only problem was that we beat ourselves. Started 5th and by the 3rd lap, or so, we were leading. then the cautions started flying. Three back to back, then the 2nd place truck took us out. They put Whit back to the leads and sent 2nd to the back. A few more cautions later on lap 12(again, or so) Whitney got passed, after several bump and run attempts, and some rough driving, by the second place truck. The next lap, Whitney took out the leader. So,guess where we went, yup, to the rear of the field. All in all the truck was flying and we should have won that race, but I guess that’s for another night.